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About AmeriPlan®

AmeriPlan® Corporation... the nation's premier Discount Medical Plan Organization, saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.

AmeriPlan® is the largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type in the country. Our track record of success in providing access to affordable discount healthcare speaks for itself. We know our business.

100,000 + Dental Providers
7,500 + Chiropractic Providers
56,000 + Retail Pharmacies
12,000 + Optical Providers

AmeriPlan® on Good Morning America

"AP prescription savings: just priced a prescription both my husband and I take daily, the results, our 'regular' big ins. co. prescription plan cost $100/mon. for each of us, AP cost $54/mon. for each of us, savings 46%! woohoo!"

-Mary S.

"AmeriPlan® saves the day by saving me money AND time. I called our online doctor and got a prescription called in...$50.00 and 2 hours saved AND another $27 saved at the pharmacy. AmeriPlan® U ROCK!"

-Debikay J.

"My 12 yr old has asthma and though we normally get his prescriptions through mail order pharmacy with our private insurance, today Dr had to call in RX. Price was $661.73 with only using our AP Rx card it was $58.05 I Love this company and the savings. It's great knowing in a situation like today AP saves us even more."

-Tim H.

"I went to the doctor's office on Friday. The medicine she prescribed was not covered by my Part D Medicare prescription plan and was about $68.00. I had Walgreens use AmeriPlan since it wasn't covered and it was a little over $27.00. That was a $41.00 savings!"

-Linda L.

Simple present your card and get instant
savings. That's all there is to it.

With this card, you and your entire household can start saving on your prescription drugs TODAY! The AmeriPlan Prescription Discount Program is NOT insurance, it is a discount program that provides significant savings for members who pay for services at the time of service. This card does not expire.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A. No, the card is not insurance. Since it's not insurance, everyone is eligible and there's no qualification process.

A. No, There is no cost for AmeriPlan's prescription card. We know that prescription drugs can be costly and we're here to help. With AmeriPlan's prescription card, you save on your prescriptions at over 56,000 pharmacies nationwide. Card users save an average of 10% and up to 85% on most brand name and generic prescription drugs. AmeriPlan's prescription plan is the absolute best discount prescription program in the U.S.

A. Most all of the major pharmacies accept AmeriPlan. To locate your pharmacy visit our pharmacy locator.

A. Yes, all family members can use the prescription card.

A. You should receive your AmeriPlan prescription card within 2 weeks of the date you request it.

A. Your AmeriPlan's prescription card will be effective upon receipt, usually within 2 weeks of the date you submit your application.

A. Yes, please share this great program with friends and family. We are committed to helping families save money.

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